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Whether it's One to One, Workshops, or Masterminds, I'm dedicated to working with highly motivated individuals who are dedicated to finding out their "why" and building a life of purpose.  It's not about having all of the answers...but about taking the first step toward becoming the best version of you.



What are your self-limiting beliefs?  What are you struggling to take on in your life?  

I am looking for motivated individuals who really want to make lasting, positive changes in their lives.  Through a series of face to face meetings, regular and routine calls together we will explore where you are in your life and what goals you want to accomplish.  During this time, you will realize struggles, overcome obstacles, and build the confidence to go after anything you want. 

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Workshops, Seminars and Group Coaching


Is your team struggling to work as a unit?  Is your next project needing a little bit of extra guidance?  Are you in need of a new set of eyes?

I offer workshops to corporate, non-profit, community and volunteer organizations as well as small groups. I custom-design workshops to meet your needs while focusing on communication, team-building, leadership, goal setting, problem-solving, productivity, and loss and grief as it fits your team's needs.

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Mastermind Groups

Last but not least, ask me about my Masterminds, where a small group of motivated individuals collaborate and help each push through to the next level of business, life, and personal accomplishments.

Limited Space Available. Groups run for 6-12 weeks.

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